Vegetables Ninjas is a sketch in So Random.


When the bank gets robbed by the Vegetable Ninjas, it's up to Maxine to slice them out.


Vegetable Ninja #1 (Chad)- Heeheehee, the veggie ninjas are out! (runs with a bag of fruit money)

Vegtable Ninja #2 (Nico)- All the fruit money we have! (screaming with delight)

Maxine (Zora)- Hi-ya! (punches the wall)

Vegetable Ninja #1- Whaccha gonna do little girl? (mocks in baby voice)

Maxine- I, Maxine, wil slice you Vegetable Ninjas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vegetable Ninja #2- Oh yah? Slice us, try it. If you clice our bonb, YOU'RE dead!

(Vegetable Ninjas run across the room throwing bombs in the air)

Maxine- (slicing with her hands) You'll never get away with it! (slices bomb)

(Bomb explodes)


Vegetable Ninja #1- (high fives #2) YES!!!!!! (runs away)

Maxine- HAHAHAHA! Tricked ya! (slices the vegeatble ninjas)


  • This is a parody of the game app, Fruit Ninjas.