Cast Members IncludedEdit

Grady:Monseiur Murden

Nico: Pierre

Chad Dylan Cooper: Antoine


Monsieur Murden:Bonjour, et bienvenue à apprendre le français avec M. Murden! {Hello, and welcome to Learning French with Monsieur Murden!}

(Goes up to Pierre, who has a sombraro and miracas{we all know where this is going})

Monsieur Murden:Pourquoi bonjour, quel est votre nom? {Why hello, what is your name?}

(Pierre looks nervous and confused)

Pierre:Mon nom est Pierre. (My name is, Pierre.)

Mosieur Murden: Oh! Merci.

(Monsieur Murden goes to Antoine who looks like a rich French person who most likely knows much)

Monsieur Murden:


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