Bed, bath and whatever else is a sketch that parodies bed, bath and beyond.


Chad Dylan Cooper- Store owner

Tawni Hart- Customer #1

Neco- Customer #2

Grady- Customer #3

The sketchEdit

Chad: "Welcome to bed, bath and whatever else! Where we got Tamperedpedic, Shower heads, and whatever we found on the street last tuesday, it's bed, bath and whatever else!

Tawni: "Hello, do you sell perfume by any chance?"

Chad: "No but we have this stuff!" *tosses weird liquid on customer.* "Aww man, you didn't melt." *customer walks away.*

Neco: "Do you sell The Sokabowa cloud pillow?"

Chad: "No but we have the foam beads!" *throws a bucket of foam beads at the customer.* *customer walks off.*

Grady:"Do you sell A Toilet scrubber?"

Chad: "No but we have what we found on one!" *throws a mystery object at the customer.*

Grady:"It's moving!" *runs off screaming.*

Chad: "So come on down to bed, bath and whatever else!"


  • The Tamperedpedic parodies Temperpedic.
  • The Sokabowa cloud pillow parodies the Sobakowa cloud pillow.
  • The line "Aww man you didn't melt" parodies the Wizard of Oz.