The nerds are mad at the cool people so they start start shooting themself through a slingshot at the cool people on towers


Nico as Cool Person #1

Tawni as Cool Person #2

Grady as Nerd #1

Zora as Nerd #2

Chad Dillan as Announcer


Nico: Ha ha you guys are so wierd

Tawni: Get out of my way you dorks

Chad Dillan: Are you sick of cool kids picking on you

Grady: Yeah!

Chad Dillan: Well than try our new product Angry Nerds you can play this whenever you want and shoot yourself at the coole peoplee


Chad Dillan: it only cost the low price of 1,000 dollars k!

Grady: What!

Chad Dillan: But if you call in the next minute you will get a 5% discount

Zora: Thats Better

Chad Dillan: Now go launch yourself at those cool people

Text On Screen: Angry Nerds is not responsible for any cool people death and leftovers by the cool people

Chad Dillan: Order Now

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Break Down The Wall! 18:35, December 3, 2011 (UTC)


  • Angry Nerds is a parody of Angry Birds
  • This is the first animated sketch on the So Random Fanon.